Functional softness and bulk fabric enhancer

Evolution fabric enhancer inspired by nature with new HYDROSPACE REPULSION TECHNOLOGY

Far too many textiles get a wrong, not very sales-promoting finish or these textiles are unintentionally given a synthetic character or further strengthen the synthetic character of a textile.

In addition, incorrect textile finishes make it more difficult to care for the textile after purchase and shorten the life of the textile. Moisture absorption and breathability of the textile suffer and thus the sales figures in the market of originally qualitatively outstanding textile products are dwindling. IONIC HYDROSOFT EVO is a new concept because the quality is not only maintained but also maximally increased in the essential points of the overall profile. Ionic Hydro-Soft EVO, the ultra performance fabric enhancer, brings your textile into optimal balance with the new HYDROSPACE REPULSION TECHNOLOGY (HSR) and improves the feel-good factor when using or wearing the textile.

Ultra-soft softness and feel-good factor on textiles

By forming a uniformly charged, ionic sphere around the textile fiber with IONIC HYDROSOFT EVO, a sphere of softness and moisture absorption is created around the textile fibers or on the textile, thus activating the best possible performance in your textile.

The HSR technology charge also provides for more volume in the textile and counteracts incrustations on the textile during the care of the textile during washing (residual detergent) and drying (dry rigidity) or supports the drying process Tumbling process in the commercial as well as private environment and accelerates the drying process or reduces energy input, CO“ output and thus also the costs.

Especially in terry towel and knitwear finishing, but also in fabric finishing, these factors are crucial and increase productivity while improving process reliability and textile performance.

The product efficiency or the degree of exhaustion in the application is increased by special modifications in individual applications or the permanence and therefore ends up in the waste water already in the textile finishing process.

Function of the new technology in
an emulsion and on the fiber

The silicone molecules with maximum effect development are helically combined with the optimized overall formulation of the IONIC HYDROSOFT JET by means of a helical wrapping of the fibre.

Hier muss noch ein Text rein, was chemisch auf dem Textil passiert.

Mode of action:

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IONIC HYDROSOFT® JET Hier muss noch ein Text rein, was chemisch auf dem Textil passiert. Hier muss noch ein Text rein, was chemisch auf dem Textil passiert.

HYDROSPACE Repulsion technology in the emulsion
HYDRO-SPACE repulsion technology on the fibre

New HSR technology provides
previously unknown properties


  • Impurities (non-bound dyes, surfactants, complexing agents, polymers, salts etc.)
  • Temperature stability up to 130 °C
    Exposure of PH value fluctuations in the range of pH 3 – 1 4
  • Extreme air intake through voluminous textiles
  • Extreme shear forces on aerodynamic and hydrodynamic dyeing machines, dye surfers and others

Inspired by Nature

  • Develops natural, ultra-soft softness in textiles
  • Permanently increases the feel-good factor through more functional volume
  • Maintains the moisture absorption of the textile
  • Creates optimal breathability of the textile
  • Counteracts hardening and wrinkle formation during household laundry and textile car
  • Reduces energy input and CO2 output and costs in household dryers
  • Prolongs the service life of the textile
  • Highly extremely process stable Jet stable and low-foaming in application
  • Highly efficient and sustainable yield due to optimized extraction rate in the process
  • Excellent also suitable for white goods
  • To increase process speed and costs

Any Regulation Guidance?

So what ?

A substance such as….

Leading on textile and leading
in application


For textile finishers, the advantages in terms of applicability in textile finishing are just as important as the occurrence of effects on the fiber.

In addition, many conventional softening agents continue to cause stain problems in finishing, especially when very hard conditions prevail. Hard conditions are in this context not necessarily the often described gravitational forces of jet dyeing machines which have their effect in dyeing or textile finishing machines but completely different factors.

IONIC HYDROSOFT with its new HYDROSPACE REPULSION TECHNOLOGY has been developed for the toughest applications by the world‘s leading textile chemistry and textile finishing experts. IONIC
HYDROSOFT absorbs the energy of mechanical shear forces in hydro- and aerodynamic dyeing machines, dye surfers and other machines and applications, which is otherwise a problem for many products, and uses it for functional effect development on the textile.

The hydrospace repulsion technology in the IONIC HYDROSOFT EVO acts like identically charged and therefore repulsive super magnets, which repel each other to massively counteract the coalescence of the emulsion in the application.

The product family


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