I O N I C . S P H E R E  ®

IONIC SPHERE® combines global cooperation, the knowledge of specialists and the competence of associated partners in an interdisciplinary way under the leadership of world leading textile chemistry and textile finishing experts.

With this signature, IONIC SPHERE® generates the innovative power in the fundamental field of textile chemistry, which had already been lost, and which is indispensable for the further development of the global textile industry.

Real fundamental progress results from passion for research, pooling of interdisciplinary expertise and the implementation of these ideas in the market. Innovation is the translation of an idea into practice. A crucial key to paving the way for solutions today is technical marketing.

With this combination, we pave the way together with our customers at all stages for product innovations and solutions that catapult the textile industry forward in technical, ecological and economic terms.

i o . f i n i s h i n g  &  c o a t i n g

Synthesis of leading silicone softeners for textiles

– Synthesis of most advanced hydrophilic and process-stable quaternary silicone softeners
– testing equipment and procedure to develop fast-track high-stable silicone emulsions

Synthesis of polyurethane-dispersions and blocked isocyanates

Advanced biocidal active material according to BPR

– e.g., synthesis of silver on TiO2-biocide active material

Synthesis of fluorine-free water repellents and starburst polymers

Synthesis and formulation of most advanced hydrophilic agents

i o . p r e t r e a t m e n t  &  d y E i n g

Synthesis of fixing agents/cationic dendrimers

Synthesis of machine cleaners

Formulation of special detergents

Advanced formulation of defoamer systems

IONIC SPHERE® – Expert knowledge makes the difference

Stefan Thumm