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Invent the textile of tomorrow and show it to the world

The solutions that textiles offer in so numerous ways, usually do not simply find their way into the market and to the consumer. There is an infinite number of performances in the textile world, but this needs to be understood at the end of the day by the market, B2B customers and consumers.
Technical marketing is the tool to open this path, and IONIC SPHERE and their network masters this task.

The task we master together with our customers is the exciting explanation of the benefits of performance textiles to always remain understandable for everyone.
We do not only develop a performance textile and new functions of the textile process of tomorrow together with our customers – we successfully bring it onto the global market by offering and implementing a comprehensive full-scale marketing concept.

I O . m a r k e t i n g  p o R t f o l i o

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* IONIC SPHERE – cooperate with the experts of the design agency „Kreative Konzepte pro.Earth“ when it comes to the creation of individual textile marketing concepts.