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A fundamental basis for this is formed by the substance and chemical laws, as well as product regulations for the textile cross-sectional industry, e.g., medical product regulations, occupational health and safety product regulations or food contact materials, etc. In Europe, for example, the downstream substance legislation as well as an increasing number of downstream environmental and product legislations are dominated by the new chemicals’ legislation REACH.

Furthermore, we guide our customers through the legislation and paperwork regarding the EU import of textile products, the products manufactured with IONIC SPHERE products in the matter of EU-substance law/textile product law in a leading and competent way, to be able to bring them legally secure onto the EU market.

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IONIC SPHERE – Expert knowledge makes the difference

Expert to guide through EU legislations related to textiles in different sectors:

  • Textiles in Biocidal Product Regulation BPR, (EU) Nr. 528/2012)

  • Textiles in Medical Devices Regulation MDR, (EU) 2017/745

  • Textiles in Single Use Plastic Directive SUPD, (EU) 2019/904

  • Textiles as Personal Protective Equipment PPE, (EU) 2016/425

  • Textiles as Food Contact Material, (EC), 1935/2004

  • Textile labeling legislation (EU) 1007/2011

  • Textile care instructions

IONIC SPHERE® – Expert knowledge makes the difference

Stefan Thumm